• Markets such as Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, New York, and Chicago have Hispanic populations that can account for close to 40% of the total population. www.groceryheadquarters.com

  • Second and third generations are seeking convenience and easy to prepare meals as they pick up various aspects of American culture, but still crave the tastes and flavors they grew up with at home. www.groceryheadquarters.com

  • Stores cannot afford to use a cookie cutter approach to the Hispanic market. Tastes and vocabulary vary greatly due to the country of Hispanic origin. www.groceryheadquarters.com

  • Stores need to incorporate bilingual signage, marketing, and promotions to attract Hispanic customers. www.groceryheadquarters.com

  • The number of Hispanics in the U.S. today is greater than the entire population of Canada. www.census.gov

    Hispanic Buying Power

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    Population Size & Composition

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