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Fresco - Meaning "Fresh" in Spanish

Crumble over lettuce or pasta salads
Slice thin and stuff into sopes
Crumble over tacos, enchiladas, and refried beans
Cut into french fry size pieces, deep fry until golden brown, and serve with salsa fresca
Serve cold with fresh tomatoes and cilantro
Crumble over a Mexican cobb salad

Quesadilla - Traditional Melting Cheese of Mexico

Sprinkle over pizza or your favorite casserole
Melt in quesadillas, chile rellenos, enchildas, burritos, and nacho dips
Melt over a hamburger for a Mexican cheese burger
Slice and melt for a Mexican omelet
Smother over steaks and chicken breasts on the grill
Mix with chorizo in a fondue-type melt
Melt and roll up tight in a warm tortilla, dip in crema mexicana and salsa

Panela - The Perfect Frying Cheese

Slice and top a hot corn tortilla or crusty bread
Cut thick, grill to a golden brown, and serve with salsa
Slice and melt over a chicken breast sandwich
Chunk and serve cold as a snack with crackers
Slice and fry with salsa fresca as an appetizer
Shred over lettuce and pasta salads
Slice and fry with onions and bell peppers, serve in a warm tortilla for fajitas

Enchilado - Meaning "With Chile Color" in Spanish

Crumble for stuffing into enchildas and for sprinkling over salads and tacos
Slice cold and serve in a warm tortilla
Sautee with green onions and serve over charbroiled steaks
Highlight salads with colorful shards of enchilado
Add color and zest to lasagnas and casseroles

Cotija - The Parmesan of Mexico

Fold into mashed potatoes, casseroles, and lasagna
Crumble over lettuce and pasta salads
Combine with crema mexicana for a rich, smooth alfredo sauce
Sprinkle over refried beans, tostadas, soups, enchiladas, tacos, and nachos
Use in place of parmesan in a Mexican Caesar Salad
Sprinkle over spaghetti, garlic bread and pizza

Asadero - The Muenster Cheese of Mexico

Family favorite for making dishes extra smooth
Offers rich mild flavor to mexican dishes and casseroles
Slice thin and serve on a cheese tray with crackers
Mix in a fondue-type melt with chorizo fino
Melt over omelettes
Slice and melt with garlic and mushrooms and serve with crackers

Oaxaca - Mexican Style String Cheese

Shred and stuff into tamales, chile rellenos, chimichangas; super nachos
Shred and serve cold on a cheese plate

Crema Mexicana - Sweet Taste of Mexico

Blend with cotija for a creamy mexican alfredo sauce
Drizzle over soups, salads, tacos, tostadas, enchiladas, and nachos
Slather over corn on the cob and roll in a bed of grated cotija
Fold into refried beans
Drizzle over Belgian waffles
Fold into mashed potatoes and hot cereals
Combine with salsa or your favorite dip and serve with chips
Dollop over mexican dishes or casseroles
Use as a sauce and pour over berries, melon, and kiwi
Drizzle over your favorite breakfast pastry
Use in beef stroganoff in place of sour cream for a rich, smooth texture
Mix with coffee and cappucino

Crema Agria - Mexican Style Sour Cream

Fold into scrambled eggs
Mix with salsa or your favorite dip and serve with chips
Dollop over baked potatoes or hot chicken strips
Mix into meat gravies for a smooth, rich texture

Chorizo - The Crumbling Sausage of Mexico

Brown and mix with scrambled eggs, diced potatoes, and refried beans
Fry and sprinkle over pizza, top with quesadilla
Cook and sprinkle over tortilla, top with quesadilla and heat thru for a queso quesadilla
Fold into mashed potatoes, rice pilaf, meatballs, and pasta sauce
Sprinkle over mexican dishes or your favorite casserole

Queso Blanco - Caribbean Farmers Cheese

Slice cold and serve with guava paste
Cube and saute until golden brown
Use as a filling to stuff cooked peppers
Slice thick, fry, and serve with marmalade on a wheat cracker
Grate into cornbread or mashed potatoes
Cumble into soup, pasta, and salads

Colombiano - Colombian Style White Cheese

Enjoy with hot chocolate and arepas
Grate and fold into bread and pastry dough
Crumble over soups, salads, and pasta
Slice thick and grill with Colombian sausage
Serve cold as an appetizer with crackers
Cube and float over chicken soup

Para Freir - Authentic Frying Cheese

Slice and fry to a golden brown
Shred over salads, potatoes, and beans
Cube and deep fry for appetizers
Shred into bread dough

Dominicano - Dominican Style White Cheese

Cube and deep fry for appetizers
Slice and fry with onions, green palantains, and salami
Shred over rice and black beans
Broil on a crusty bread with cooked and crumbled chorizo

Boricua - Puerto Rico Style White Cheese

Slice cold and serve with marmalade or fruit paste
Slice thick and serve with crisp crackers and guava paste
Melt over ham, eggs, and toast
Serve with a variety of cold cuts and grill on a crusty bread

Guajiro - Cuban Style White Cheese

Slice thin and serve with Cuban crackers
Slice and serve with papaya and mango
Fry with yuca and sweet potatoes
Slice thin and serve with crackers and marmalade
Crumble over soups and salads

Crema Salvadorena - Salvadorena Style Cream

Sprinkle with chopped cilantro, jalapenos, and green onion; serve with chips
Dollop over soups, salads, tostadas, and nachos
Fold into scrambled eggs
Drizzle over baked potatoes and hot chicken strips
Mix into meat gravies for a smooth texture
Dollop over beans, fried plantains, and fresh strawberries

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